By Hollyland | March 20, 2023
Solidcom M1

With the huge demands of fast-paced productions, reliable intercom communication systems are becoming an indispensable piece of gear.

This year we, Hollyland Technology, released our latest wireless intercom system – SOLIDCOM M1. It is a new generation 1.9GHz full-duplex professional wireless intercom system that supports 8-channel beltpack simultaneous communication and cascade connection of multiple devices. Featuring a built-in panel antenna, the base station of SOLIDCOM M1 can achieve a 400m one-way transmission range fronting the panel and an extra 50m range at the back. The auxiliary external FRP antennas are endowed 300m reliable transmission in a 360° radius range. So whether it is indoor events, like church events, music concerts, EFP, etc., or outdoor large-scale sports events, SOLIDCOM M1 can be your go-to choice.

To better serve our users, listen to users’ voices, and come up with better products, we decide to select 50 users (including system integrator, reseller, rental, production company, studio, etc.) to use and test out our new product – SOLIDCOM M1. Eligible applicants will have the opportunity to get a one-month product experience free of charge. Applicants shall also receive preferential discounts if they decide to keep the system after the experience program.


  • Kickoff: August 20, 2021
  • Submission Deadline: October 31, 2021
  • Announcement: After submit the application, we will contact qualified applicants within 5 working days
  • Experience Time: Within 30 working days after receiving the product
  • Return Time: Within 15 days after reviewing the product


Click the link below to start the application registration,

* 50 application slots available. First come, first served.


  • System Integrator, reseller, rental, production company, studio, etc.
  • Content creators who own high-profile social media platforms and create original content;
  • Ones who can elaborate a good review plan.



All approved applicants shall,

  1. Sign corresponding contracts to ensure that both parties understand the program rights and corresponding obligations;
  2. Ensure that the returned product has no obvious man-made damage. Hollyland reserves the right to pursue legal help if the returned products are damaged or lost and when both parties couldn’t reach an agreement;
  3. Create at least THREE HD quality product display, setup, or behind-the-scene images;
  4. Share at least one feed post with the above photos on his/her social media platform tagging Hollyland’s official account.


  1. Industry-first solution to power up to 1300ft-radius communication range
  2. Enhanced audio quality
  3. Let your voice be heard crisp and loud
  4. Intuitive grouping at a single tap
  5. Multi-device cascade connection for hassle-free group communication
  6. Born rugged, take it anywhere with you
  7. Out-of-the-box convenience
  8. Ergonomic button layout for smooth & precise operation
  9. A plethora of choices for your ears
  10. Say no to low-battery anxiety 

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