Fixes to OBS Not Connecting to Twitch

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If you’re a Twitch enthusiast, then you must have heard of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). We’re talking about a free and open-source tool designed for video recording and live streaming. It’s like a virtual studio that enables streamers, gamers, and content creators to broadcast their content on Twitch, YouTube, and others. With OBS, you can

Why is There No Twitch on Roku?

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Twitch, a live-streaming platform primarily known for video game streaming, has emerged as a cultural phenomenon, amassing a massive global audience. Its popularity extends beyond gaming, encompassing diverse content like music, talk shows, and more, making it a hub for live digital entertainment.  On the other side of the digital spectrum stands Roku, a pioneer

3 Ways to Stop Twitch Videos from Expiring

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When you stream live content on Twitch, it is archived as a Video On Demand (VOD) by the app. The use of VODs has grown popular on Twitch, and it is helping the users grow their channel while allowing their community members to access the content they curate. Unfortunately, streams on Twitch disappear after some

What Percentage of Bits Does Twitch Take?

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Twitch is a popular streaming platform that is mainly used by gamers. However, anyone can now use Twitch to connect with their viewers. Twitch supports streamers and viewers by giving them a platform to interact and live stream. As a Twitch viewer, one way of supporting your favorite Twitch streamer is by gifting them with

How to Verify Your Twitch Email [Step by Step]

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Twitch is a whole nother realm of its own, and verifying your email is a crucial rite of passage. Twitch allows users to create accounts without verifying their email address, but this minor step can mean a lot for your platform safety and overall user experience.  This article is a simple and important guide for

Why and How to Fix Twitch Ads are Out of Control Issue

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Twitch is a popular video streaming platform where gamers host esports tournaments or stream their live gameplay. Over the past few years, its user base doubled. As of 2023, it has over 7 million streamers and around 140 million monthly active users.  Like other content platforms, it has a mechanism to support content creators, named

How Much Is 1 Sub On Twitch?

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Subscriptions are one of the largest sources of revenue for all Twitch streamers. If you really enjoy a streamer’s content or want to financially support your favorite Twitch streamer, you can subscribe to their channel for a small monthly fee.  These subscriptions give something to both viewers and streamers. Subscribers are provided with a wide

Why Does My Twitch Stream Keep Ending? [Causes & Fixes]

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Streaming on Twitch can be an exciting way to connect with an audience, but encountering unexpected stream interruptions can be frustrating. If you’re facing the issue of your Twitch stream ending abruptly, it’s essential to identify and address potential causes to ensure a smooth broadcasting experience. Through this blog, we aim to guide you through

How To Switch Twitch Drops Channel?

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If you’re a Twitch user, you’ve likely heard of Twitch Drops, a rewarding system that allows game developers to offer special, in-game rewards to viewers who watch their game streams.  But did you know that you can switch your Twitch Drops channel and still claim these exciting rewards?  The benefits of claiming Drops are immense,

Top 10 Cameras for Live Streaming Twitch in 2023

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Having the best Twitch live-streaming camera is essential to achieve high-quality footage. Whether it’s your inception or you want to change your equipment, the webcam you choose will directly impact the viewing experience. It will ultimately affect the number of subscribers and followers.   The ideal camera for live streaming depends on your specific needs and