When mounting multiple Arocam C2, How to separate the control by one remote-control?

March 27, 2023

OVERVIEWS: The default camera control address is 1, so when multiple cameras are in the same place, they will be controlled at the same time. The article below show you how to set the camera to other address, so you can control separately.


Step 1:

Turn on the camera which you would like to set the address and turn off other cameras.

Step 2:

The remote control select 【1】 in the 【Camera Select】 on the top of the remote control.


Step 3:

Then click 【*】+【#】+【F1/F2/F3/F4】 in turns, the camera address will turn to 1/2/3/4

E.g: Set the camera to address 2.


Step 4:

After changing the address, you need to select the corresponding address in 【Camera Select】 to control the corresponding camera.


Follow the steps above to modify the address of other camera.