Capturing the Magic of the Nameless Festival with the Solidcom C1 Pro

By Hollyland | July 10, 2023

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The Nameless Festival is a vibrant celebration that brings together music, art, and fellowship. It is an event that continues to grow in size and impact with each passing year. As filmmakers and photographers, Nicolò Cesana and I had the privilege of capturing the festival’s essence through our lenses. We had the pleasure of working with a talented team that made the process enjoyable and seamless.

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My heartfelt appreciation goes to the after-movie team, including Gabriele, Gianmarco, Mirko, Kiara, Stefano, Paolo, and Martino, for their unwavering hard work and expertise. They brought our collective storytelling to life and created something truly magnificent that we can all be proud of.


This year was incredible, and even in the rain, we witnessed a united team, unwilling to give up and instead more motivated to give our best. We extend our gratitude to Hollyland Technology, which supported us throughout this adventure, enabling all the primary teams to remain connected despite long distances and adverse weather conditions.

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Effective communication is crucial in coordinating events and capturing the most memorable moments, particularly in challenging environments. Hollyland Technology’s Solidcom C1 Pro wireless intercom headset system is revolutionizing communication in the festival industry with its exceptional features. The headset’s advanced dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology ensures high-quality sound that is crystal clear and detailed, even in noisy surroundings. Whether in the midst of a loud DJ set or surrounded by booming speakers, the Solidcom C1 Pro guarantees that you can communicate with your team without any distortion or interference. It was a game-changer for us, transforming how we documented and captured the festival’s magic.

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We’re really lucky to have been part of such an amazing event, and we absolutely love what we do. It’s pretty awesome to see how music, art, and people come together at the Nameless Festival, and we can’t wait to be involved for many more years to come.

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Alberto Seghezzi | Filmmaker & Videographer Based in Brescia

I’m Alberto Seghezzi, a film-maker based in Brescia, Italy. I grow up with the passion of photography brought by my father and my older brother to life.
Discovering video was like magic to me, creating a passion that raised while studying mechanical engineering. After few years from collecting my engineering master, film making was already going fast, bringing me to have some unpredictable yet unforgettable memories, working in some of the most famous music festivals all over the world, following djs and creating beautiful friendships in the whole globe.
The turning point was the direction and production of “Infodemic” a documentary out on amazon prime videos, that changed the path to my and other team member life. It brought me to drop my engineer career while focusing more on the film making area. Now leading a team of passionate people that works together in festivals like Nameless Music Festival and other projects such as ADVs, documentary, online podcast (check out Breaking Italy Podcast on YT) and others.
While based in Italy, Brescia, located near Milan, I do still travel all over the World to capture unforgettable moments and narrate stories of beautiful human beings.
Find me on Instagram at via IG direct @alberto_seghezzi or or

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