Uninterrupted Communication with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro: Digital Art Video Shines at Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant

By Hollyland | November 10, 2023

Digital Art Video is a boutique full-service film and video production and post-production company with a production team of 20 experienced professionals. They have successfully undertaken numerous live events, including boxing matches, beauty pageants, concerts, and more.

When organizing large-scale live events, effective communication among team members is crucial, especially for small teams with limited budgets. Having a high-quality, user-friendly, and cost-effective wireless communication system becomes particularly important. Previously, Digital Art Video tried using custom over-the-ear headphones paired with walkie-talkies, but they encountered the limitation of one-way communication. They also experimented with wired headphones but were restricted by the limitations of cables. Fortunately, the Solidcom C1 Pro has now provided them with the perfect communication solution.

During the Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant event, Digital Art Video opted for the Solidcom C1 Pro as their tool of choice. This beauty competition, organized by the Chinese community, aims to select female representatives of Chinese heritage with remarkable appearances and exceptional talents. With an audience of nearly 2,500 attendees, Digital Art Video successfully accomplished its mission at the event with the assistance of the Solidcom C1 Pro.

2023 DAV MCBP 08

Full Duplex Communication: “The full-duplex communication feature of Solidcom C1 Pro enables us to communicate in real time, and our collaboration efficiency has increased.”

The Solidcom C1 Pro utilizes full-duplex communication and supports up to 8 wireless earpieces. With the HUB version, it is also possible to add an additional wired headset, enabling simultaneous communication for 9 individuals. As a result, Solidcom C1 Pro offers superior interactivity and real-time issue resolution for the production team compared to one-way communication tools. This enhances communication quality and efficiency, ultimately saving valuable time on-site.

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Wireless Connectivity: “Wireless communication is crucial for multi-camera live broadcasting programs, as it allows for seamless communication, using wired devices would be limited by the wire.”

In a bustling recording environment with potentially thousands of audiences, traditional wired headsets can pose certain risks such as tangled cables, potential harm to individuals, or cable detachment.  The wireless design of the Solidcom C1 Pro eliminates these risks, liberating the hands of the staff and reducing the chances of accidents or cable disconnection. Moreover, the staff members are no longer bound by cables, allowing them to move freely and operate other devices without concerns about cable length limitations.

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Superior Communication Quality: “Clean audio in loud spaces is very important to us, and Solidcom C1 Pro performs exceptionally well even in live broadcast environments with audiences of up to 2,500.”

In a live broadcasting setting, clear communication and high volume are crucial, especially when facing a noisy environment and audience cheering. The Solidcom C1 Pro is equipped with dual-microphone noise cancellation, which effectively suppresses surrounding ambient noise. By filtering out background noise and highlighting the human voice, it provides incredibly clear communication. When in a live broadcasting environment, simply pressing the ENC button allows you to hear partners’ voices in the midst of a noisy environment, without being disturbed by external factors.


Ready Out of Box: “The Solidcom C1 Pro was incredibly easy to set up and use right out of the box, saving us valuable time during on-location setup.”

The Solidcom C1 Pro comes pre-paired from the factory, eliminating the need for manual pairing. Additionally, the usage of Solidcom C1 Pro is straightforward, simply insert the battery, turn on the ENC switch, and pull down the microphone boom to start communication. This simple setup process saves staff training time and reduces the time required for the manual configuration of wireless communication devices. As a result, staff can focus more on their work, saving valuable time.

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Great Value for the Price: “As a small company, we must exercise caution when investing in new products. Solidcom C1 Pro provides us with a cost-effective choice, offering excellent value for our investment.”

Solidcom C1 Pro offers a variety of package options, allowing teams to choose the appropriate number of headsets based on team size. Among them, the Solidcom C1 Pro 8S package is priced at $2,549. For budget-conscious users looking for a high-value option, this is a great choice.

Sleek & Clean Design: “We were immediately impressed by the sleek design of the Solidcom C1 Pro upon our first glance.”

The Solidcom C1 Pro features a striking appearance with a sleek, obsidian black color scheme and a futuristic design that exudes a sense of technology. The headset is crafted using dual-injection molding, combining modern craftsmanship with incredible design, making it visually captivating.

Furthermore, the Solidcom C1 Pro is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 170 grams (6 ounces), making it portable and easy to carry. This lightweight design ensures that users experience comfort and convenience during usage.

2023 DAV MCBP 10

Whether it’s the coolness of its appearance, the affordability of its price, or the power of its features, the Solidcom C1 Pro delivers outstanding performance, making it your best choice.

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