Hollyland Solidcom C1 Fosters On-site Coordination at Timecode-Lab in Livestreaming

By Hollyland | April 30, 2022

Feedbacks about our latest innovation – Solidcom C11,000ft Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System keep flooding in, and Hollyland is delighted to see great achievements have been made in facilitating on-site production team coordination with our new product.

Since its debut, Solidcom C1 has been highly appreciated by professionals for its outstanding performance in live streaming. Recently, we have witnessed a large number of budding fans popping up with high recognition for the outstanding performance of this new comer. Timecode-Laba home-grown broadcast and media production company in Japan, is a good case in point.

Let’s see how our product works in facilitating their on-site team coordination.

Solidcom C1

A Master Adaptable to Varying Environments for Efficient Coordination

In advance of the new product launch, Timecode Labs, being one of Hollyland’s most loyal and trusting customers, has borrowed a prototype of the Solidcom C1 from Hollyland for indoor seminar scheduling among on-site teammates.

Under such a formal event, even with an intercom system adopted, the staff’s conversation and instructions are expected to be delivered in a low voice to meet the strict environmental requirements. Therefore, a concern arises on how to make sure clear voice message delivery without causing too much noise during the seminar. To their delight, Solidcom C1’s headset is equipped with an electret microphone featuring a high sensitivity built for such a quiet environment. A prominent advantage of this kind of microphone in sound collection guarantees every voice message even in whisper level can be captured avoiding misinterpretation or misinformation. At the same time, the built-in sidetone function makes it easy to tell if your speech is effective, adding brilliance to an efficient and smooth on-site operation.

Hollyland Solidcom C1

A Flexible Collaborator Compatible with other Intercom Systems for Expandable Use

Shortly after another scenario of an opening ceremony in a university with a large number of people present, Timecode Labs also applied the Solidcom C1 intercom system for the on-site live-streaming after their first satisfying trial of this product. In the face of a large number of people present, the on-site production team must not only take the timely and orderly communication of internal members into consideration but also ensure the preparation and control of each live-streaming screen, namely, the smooth scheduling of wireless video transmission screens. Therefore, another practical Hollyland intercom system Mars T1000 was adopted to cascade with Solidcom C1. The external tally lights of Mars T1000 acted as a non-verbal form of communication that greatly fostered real-time coordination and smooth operation among the console and studio personnel with high performance. At the same time, the good compatibility of the two Hollyland intercom systems meets the expandable use for the on-site team’s actual needs.

 A User-friendly Kit for Actual Operational Needs

1. The light-weight and portable headset for comfortable wearing

     Every headset weighs only 168g, which is lighter than an iPhone12, offering a comfortable wearing experience for long hours.

2. Easy to use with an intuitive user experience

    The headset system will automatically connect right out of the box. A simple pushed up/down the mic boom can start/stop

    the conversation.

3. Extended working hours without power supply anxiety

    Each Solidcom C1 system comes with 8 beltpacks and 16 rechargeable lithium batteries. It takes only 2.5h for a full charge

    that supports up to 10h runtime of a remote headset and 5h-6h runtime of a master headset. Multiple power supply options 

    and removable batteries guarantee sufficient working hours.

After the above satisfactory experiences, Timecode-Lab gave the Solidcom C1 a high rating and decided to deploy the wireless intercom system in bulk for their future events. Hollyland is glad to see that our new product has been proven to be an ideal wireless intercom solution for the on-site production teams with varying needs.

Deeply rooted in this industry for years with the mission of “Empower people to connect creativity wirelessly”, Hollyland is committed to empowering people by making new connections through wireless technology and leading all content creators to an inspiring future with more intelligent and up-to-date solutions.

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