Hollyland’s Unforgettable Journey at Inter BEE 2023

Hollyland Technology left a strong impression on attendees at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) held from November 15th to 17th, 2023. The event provided a perfect platform for industry professionals to experience the latest advancements in the media landscape. Hollyland has been a regular participant at Inter BEE since 2021, and its booth

How Can You Turn Off YouTube Suggestions at the End of Video?

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YouTube viewers may find it difficult to see the actual video content if their screen is cluttered with suggestions at the end of every video. The end card feature was introduced to enhance the viewer experience rather than detract from the actual videos. If viewers find the end cards annoying, it could lead to a

5 Best Ways to Clip and Download YouTube Videos: Regulations and Tips

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YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos, as millions of people watch and share videos almost daily. Likewise, if you are a content creator making or editing videos, it’s important to know how to clip and download YouTube videos. Since most of your videos come from YouTube, clipping and downloading videos is a

10 Most Liked Non-Music Videos on YouTube in 2023

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For YouTube content creators, music videos have dominated the likes landscape by indulging captivating content. However, non-music videos’ unparalleled creativity and exceptional performances transcend YouTube traditions. So, content creators have two things: how to creatively express their work and how this new idea has the potential to start a new trend. Along with entertainment content,

Steps to Undo “Don’t Recommend Channel.” on YouTube

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YouTube’s recommendation algorithms have increased the user experience by allowing it to remove unwanted or irrelevant channels actively. The content suggestion is widely based on the users’ likes, comments, and subscribers to analyze preferences. Moreover, it allows you to let YouTube know about specific content by choosing “Not Interested” or “Don’t recommend channel.” However, after

Why Is YouTube Recommending Random Videos?

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The YouTube algorithm is a powerful tool for professional or new content creators that controls video range and views. YouTube recommendations effectively diversify the content uploaded to enhance the user experience of personalized content. However, because of AI and machine learning, the algorithm broke and started showing suggestions you are not interested in. YouTube has

6 Fixes to YouTube Can’t Open in a New Tab.

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The “open in new tab” option is significant because it allows users to open another without interrupting the current browser. Therefore, YouTube “open in new tab” lets you watch or listen to multiple videos simultaneously. Its user-friendly interface and convenience sometimes become frustrating with its inability to open videos in new tabs. It happens because

8 Fixes to YouTube Says No Connection, But I Have an Internet PC

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YouTube provides a seamless digital landscape to bring new meanings to entertainment with its diversity of available content. However, the frustrating YouTube-specific “no connection” error prevents the users from watching videos. It disrupts the streaming experience, especially with a stable internet connection. The issue halts the platform’s functionality for several reasons, and it’s essential to

6 Ways For YouTube TV to Sign Out of All Devices


Imagine you’ve been using YouTube TV, streaming your favorite shows on multiple gadgets. One day, you realize a missing device – maybe an old tablet or smartphone- has gone astray. Now what? You’re suddenly aware of the risks; anyone who finds that lost device could have free access to your YouTube TV account, watch live

How to Cancel Free Showtime Trial?

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Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in a riveting Showtime series, only to realize your free trial is ticking down? We’ve all been there. The excitement of the countdown can sometimes make us forget that when it ends, our credit card starts its countdown. A question pops into your head: “How to cancel free showtime

Where Do YouTube Downloads Go on Mac?

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Have you ever found yourself in a digital labyrinth, figuring out where YouTube downloads go on Mac? Maybe you’ve downloaded the perfect tutorial for that complex recipe or snagged an inspiring workout video. You can almost taste the homemade pasta sauce or feel your muscles burn with anticipation. But where’s that video file? No worries;

How Does YouTube TV DVR Work? [Detailed Explanation]

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Ever wondered how YouTube TV DVR works? Imagine an inexhaustible repository of your preferred shows, sports events, or films that you can access and store anytime – this is what YouTube TV DVR offers. Imagine an infinite bookshelf where you can stack countless episodes of “The Office,” “Friends,” or whatever tickles your fancy – that’s

Sign Out of YouTube TV Remotely on Different Devices [Step by Step]

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Have you changed or misplaced your phone with YouTube TV still active on it? Or do you suspect someone else is logged in to your account?  Or do you just want to sign out YouTube TV from all devices? Do you wonder if you can do this remotely? Well, you can.  In this post, we

2 Ways to Find Older Videos on YouTube

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Do you know the oldest video ever uploaded on YouTube? It’s Me at the Zoo. It was posted at 8:31:52 p.m. PDT on April 23, 2005.  It’s a 19-second video showing YouTube’s co-founder, Jawed Karim, in front of two elephants. The video was captured in California at the San Diego Zoo.  That feels nostalgic, right? We

Do You Italicize YouTube Video Titles?

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Should I italicize my YouTube video titles? We’ve received this question and its different variations more times than we can count. While it seems like a simple question, the answer is a bit complex.  Are you a YouTuber looking to grow your channel? Or are you planning to start your YouTube channel and gather ample

Can I Share YouTube TV with Family in another State?

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Yes, you can share YouTube TV with your family members in another state! Isn’t that great? So, how do you go about it?  Do you have to do something extra to give a family member access to your YouTube TV? Don’t worry, we’ll go into the details. Before then, let’s get some details out of

8 Fixes to Black Screen When Fullscreen on YouTube [PC & Mobile]

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YouTube has become a big part of our everyday routine. Given the entertainment and information it offers, it’s hard to imagine a day without watching a YouTube video or shorts. However, there are times when your smooth viewing experience gets interrupted by puzzling issues.  One of these challenges is the annoying black screen problem when

The Sky is the Limit with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro


Founded in 2012, Skynamic stands as a global provider of aerial filming services for major commercial and feature film productions, boasting a team of seasoned experts in photography and filming. The company has strategically employed Hollyland’s Solidcom C1 Pro wireless intercom system to optimize team coordination and communication efficiency throughout its customers’ productions. By leveraging this state-of-the-art intercom system,

Why Did My YouTube Username Change?

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Have you ever logged into your YouTube account only to find that your username has mysteriously changed? The digital realm often surprises us with unexpected alterations, and one such instance is the sudden transformation of usernames on the popular video-sharing platform. “Why did YouTube change my username?” This query echoes through the experiences of many